Houston mit versuchtem Selbstmord!

Bushwick Bill über Houston's Selbstmordversuch:

The advice I would give to Houston or to any other artists who are either up and coming, or who are already established, and are going through mental storms right now, is this. You need to be rooted and grounded with the same love you have your family and God to yourself. Since God wanted you to be an entertainer, you need to look to God more and less to yourself, because we as artists are confused as human beings, and then lack of knowledge pulls us into different directions. You are put in the position where you have to smile when you are sad and be gracious when you are depressed, and not everybody knows how to play the roles that fame requires. Some people wear their life on their sleeves, and they wear their emotional life on their face, which broadcasts their situation like a news station. When some people can't handle that, can't cope, they start to fall apart.
I want Houston to know that he is in my prayers. 'And that I will ask God to give him peace of mind and peace of heart, and I hope his eye heals as well as his mind and his emotions.

Houston's Bodyguard über Houston's Selbstmordversuch:

Houston is going through spiritual warfare right now. It's like good versus evil. He grew up in a Christian family, and since he's signed his record deal he's been subjected to, in his own words, 'sins and devils in the business' like drugs, alcohol and all this stuff that he's not used to. He didn't want to be around that. He just wasn't happy with management — he just wasn't happy. He didn't know which way to turn.
The night of the incident, we had dinner at the hotel. After dinner, he went to his room to read the Bible. He is an avid reader of the Bible. After I finished eating, I went upstairs to check on him and I noticed blood on the floor. Houston usually has really bad nose bleeds. So I asked him, 'Are you OK? Is your nose bleeding?' He said, 'Yeah, my nose is bleeding but I'm cool. I will see you in the morning. I can't wait to get back to L.A. with my family.' He was lying on the bed with a towel over his face, so something told me it was more than just a nose bleed. So I walked into the room to talk to him, I pulled the towel off of his face, and that's when I saw that he had gouged his eye out.
He showed no pain and he had no remorse. He said he had to do it. He said that that had freed him from everything. He was happy after that. He said he was changed and was ready to go. That symbolic statement basically freed him from all the pain he was in. He feels like he is closer to God now.

Houston's Schwester über Houston's Selbstmordversuch:

Houston is a Christian and he does know that if he attempted anything like that he'd be doomed. 'His managers, Reno Rankin and Andrew Rowe of On Point Productions, are no longer his managers, so they are trying to slander his name. While Houston was on the road, their contract with him ended and there were rumors that they were going to try and slander my brother's name. I believe they're the ones calling up the radio stations, MTV and BET and giving false info.