Bone Thugs N Harmony

ich wollt mal fragen wen ihr von Bone Thugs N Harmony am besten findet:
also ich mag mit abstand am liebsten Bizzy Bone.
ich find auch bizzy am besten, aber sollte das nicht lieber nach midwest?!
Original von NEsinO
ich find auch bizzy am besten, aber sollte das nicht lieber nach midwest?!


ich find Krayzie Bone am besten....danach Bizzy
Bloddy Cocktale
find krayzie am besten dann lazzy , bizzy und wish
Lady Of Rage
Ich finde einfach alles gut...
aber am besten: Bizzy & Krayzie

kennt jemand das Lied von Bizzy Bone und Krayzie Bone - Gettho Cowboy ?
das ist wirklich verdammt genial zum chillen Augenzwinkern
Lazy is für mich der beste smile

aber alle zusammen sind einfach unschlagbar cool
Devilz Son
bizzy is da king Freude

zusammen noch besser....gefallen mir gut
bizzy ist echt der king.....der macht einfach sein ding, respekt!!!
Ich mag die bone thugs nich deshalb kenn ich auch keine solo sachen von denen
Big Dee
Layzie Bone is der beste, danach kommt Krayzie
Aber die beiden hören sich ja auch sehr ähnlich an Augenzwinkern
Original von Bloddy Cocktale
find krayzie am besten dann lazzy , bizzy und wish

das gleiche gilt für mich!
find eigentlich alle von ihnen ganz Dope ..
Hab da eher keinen Fav.Rapper von ihnen Augenzwinkern
als gruppe find ich die super! solo-stuff vo denen kenn ich nicht so viel..
jo mir gehts genauso, kann die nicht wirklich unterscheiden,bzw habs nie wirklich versucht, als Gruppe sind die richtig derbe, vorallem gefällt mir ihre art zurappen sehr. Creepin' On Ah Comeup & East Eternal sind zwei Mega Burner Alben.
Wie soll man die denn auseinander halten? Augenzwinkern
Big Dee
Original von j.i.
solo-stuff vo denen kenn ich nicht so viel..

Ich auch nicht
Ich hab "Thug Mentality" von Krazie Bone, aber dass finde ich eher durchschnittlich, und ich hab auch gehört dass die anderen Soloalben nicht so gut sein sollen traurig
Bone Thugs N Harmony Interview:

Dubcnn: Last time I spoke to you, you werent sure whether Bone Thugs were back together, has that changed now?

Nah, nah, you know what I'm sayin man, it's second by second right now man, thats how we move, second by second man, it is what it is, its family its love i mean so that ain't even a question, so that question doesnt even pop up in my mind, we're finished with that, move on to the next question.

Dubcnn: Why did you chose "Hip-Hop Baby" as the first single?

Well, you know, it is what it is - I'm not upset with it so thats the best thing about it, we ain't got to deal with the bullshit.

Dubcnn: So we're you guys the ones who chose it or did the label do that?

Well you know, I really don't look at things like that, I think the songs that do get chosen; if there ain't no resistance being put up and you don't feel no struggle in it then it must of been meant to be and everybody happy about it, but I guess if somebody becomes unhappy with something then its going to change, so it's real simple stuff like that.

Dubcnn: Who produced on the Bone Brothers album?

Aw man it was Self-Service Productions and D Nukka man. Theyve got producers from all over the world that do their thing so its a beautiful thing, from my knowledge now don't quote me on that one.

Dubcnn: How come you two decided make an album together without the other members?

Well when you listen to the album thats what your gunna hear, the other members.It's like taking the lead on the other project, somebody who does more chorus lines - Krayzie did alot of chorus lines on Art of War, so you know Layzie did alot of chorus lines on the Bone Brothers album.

Krayzie had some things he was doing down in L.A at the time. Big Wish was just taking care of business and just keeping things moving man, it really ain't a big deal to where we don't even look in to it like theres anything messed up about it you dig?, its just like handle your business man, holla at me now -

Just make sure everybodys still living man, lets make some more music, kinda like that you know? And at the same time, the issues that are at hand, we address them accordingly, so thats kinda how I look at the whole system of things and how this shit goes down.

Dubcnn: So why did it take so long to put the album out, because you told me last year about it?

Well sometimes you gotta take a walk, you know what I mean? And feel it, and let go and put his hands on the sitation and do what he do and thats just the way it goes. So thats really whats been going on, thats whats happening.

Dubcnn: I heard you had a song with Jim Jones, how did that happen?

Well it's just something that went down from what I recall man, it was just stepping in the studio, linking and connecting. Seeing the love that he gave to my home boy you know he embraced lil Layzie it was like whats up, this is my dude and I was like yeah this a real dude you know, real recognise real - went to the studio, dropped the song and just left and from that point on it got on the album and everything, it was a blessing and thats really whats up.

Dubcnn: So whats your favourite track on the album and why?

I ain't really got no favourite, ain't really no favourite. You know, we just listen to it and get what we get up out of it and dig deep into the crevice of it, 'cause we listen to music a little bit different than other people so I don't really think on those terms.

Dubcnn: Can you tell me about the deal with Swiss Beats?

I really don't know too much about that right at this second, it's something thats up in the air from what I know and we'll just go step by step. It sounds like a beautiful thing, it really really does. But you know, we've been in this business for a long time and we know that we've gotta take our time and whatever comes across the table, don't get caught up in the hype and keep moving.

Dubcnn: So nothing is signed?

Don't get caught up in the hype right now, we're doing this project right here and we'll see what happens.

Dubcnn: Okay. Where can we expect that song you guys did with Bobby Brown turning up?

I don't know man, that was a Ruthless thing man. Yeah, that happened at Ruthless Records, so I dont know if that will ever pop up. I'm not concerned with that situation right now, not good or bad, I'll have to look into it.

Dubcnn: I heard you guys had contact with my homeboy B.G Knocc Out, is that true?

Oh yea, yea - I remember B.G Knocc Out, he went to prison a long time ago. He's a smooth dude.

Dubcnn: He's coming out next year

Oh, ain't that something

Dubcnn: He was asking me if I could give him Flesh-N-Bone's address, is that cool?

Hey, you already know what it is man, go with your heart, go with what you feel. If you feel like its something you need to do, then handle it - you know though, you already know what it is, you know how it sounds, you know what it'll make you feel like so handle it, you just do what you do on a beautiful level. You know those brothers need to write to each other and to sit down and talk, you feel me?

Dubcnn: Exactly. How many units do you think the Bone Brothers album will sell?

Aw man, come on man - you know we ain't concerned with nothing like that, thats crazy talk. We're just going to keep on moving, from my understanding it's more about togetherness than it is anything else.

Dubcnn: I was happy because I heard Krayzie Bone's album and he had a song dedicating and speaking about that and about how now understands you.


Dubcnn: He understands why you had to leave and stuff, and he's cool with everything.

Oh yeah, yeah exaclty. Life is a beautiful thing, when you hear stuff like that man it just brightens up your day, it brightens up your heart. You can rest assured, on all levels - you can just sit back and really rest assured, so I thank you for that.

Dubcnn: How much do you charge for a verse if an independent artist wanted to holla at you?

I mean, it's whatever man, you have an artist come holla at us and we'll see what we got. I aint going to tell nobody to give me $500 and they aint got but a G because we ain't trying to hurt them, but at the same time I don't want them to look at it as no game, I want them to take that and use it for something good for themselfs so they can feed their children and they can do what they do, you dig? I dont want them to just put me on their track and not do nothin' with it, you know what im sayin? Do you, don't waste your paper - do you, for real.

Dubcnn: Bizzy why did you cut your hair man?

Oh shit, I don't remember.

Dubcnn: *laugh* Okay, the Hip-Hop Baby video has been recieving only good feedback since I've put it up on the site, who was the director and would you work with him again?

Yeah, it really don't matter to me man as long as everybody's cool, as long as everybody's spirits is good and we do what we're supposed to do and shoot the video. So from what I remember, it was all good. We did a little talking, get some of the bullshit out of the way.

Dubcnn: Whats his name, the producer?

Dru High from the Boot Camp Clique.

Dubcnn: Can you tell us the latest about Flesh-N-Bone, how you've been contacting him, how he's doing, has he written alot of songs?

Definately, from what we know over on his side, Flesh has been in contact, we send our prayers out to him and let him know that we love him, you know I love him and his family loves him and thats real shit, I can't wait to see him.

Dubcnn: Do you have any last words for the fans?

Praise God, In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit. It's the best thing I can say.